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IIS file download speed slow through ADC


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Sorry but I'm really not the best ADC admin and took over this install. 


When downloading files from what is basically 2012R2 IIS site inside the network it's line speed. When authenticating through ADC and getting the same page downloads and uploads are really slow 500kbps to maybe 2-3mbit down and max 1.5mbit up. 


Up and down speeds of the site are over a gig and internet connections at endpoints I've tested range from my home 10/100 to gig up and down. 


The network team assures me there is no throttling or blocking that should be causing this and other traffic is fast. Down and uploads on the 2012R2 server to the public internet are as fast as the host can support. 


I don't think any settings have been "tweaked" on the ADC. 


Does anyone have any advice on where to start looking or what settings/logs would assist in looking?


It maybe feels like the TCP Window is not being properly set and the longer latency of an internet connection is choking off the data. 


Just tested connecting through the ADC from a server inside the network, basically some kind of hairpin somewhere up the router stream, and speed where a little slower than directly connecting to the site but still over 500Mbps down and up.



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