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Profile issues and FSLogix (frxsvc.exe) high CPU usage

Kjetil Ermesjo1709162960


I have an environment with MCS on VMWare.

8 VMs with 5-7 desktop sessions on each server.

CVAD 7 2006 (2006.0.0.26044)

FSLogix Apps 2.9.7349.30108


We experience random points where single user profiles takes long time to load and are given a temporary profile. 

I cannot at this point find any pattern to these occurrences.

There are no issues reported on disks, network or RAM. 

The only thing I see now is that the FSLogix service is constantly using CPU. This makes the CPU on the OS work more or less constantly at 40-60%, and spiking to 90-100% at times (for a few secs)


Is this normal? And what is wrong if this is causing the problems?

What (else) could cause random issues with loading FSLogix profiles on the CVAD?

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No, it's definitely not normal to do that.   I've been using FSLogix on hundreds of VDI desktops and XenApp boxes for four years, never seen high CPU like that.   It does have some quite comprehensive logging though, in c:\programdata\fslogix\logs.   I'd suggest starting by going through those to see if there is any clues as to what's going on.  The only thing I can think is that you may have some really complex redirection or file hiding rules in place?


Otherwise, a removal and reinstallation would be a good place to start, as would simplifying any redirection rules and keep the registry settings simple too.   Try having just the Enabled, FlipFlopProfileDirectoryName, and VHDLocation values set.


Did you recently start using it, or anything else change before this started?

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