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Bad performance with vda 2103 in double hop scenario

Björn Schläfli


We've updated to vda 2103 and experience very bad performance in double hop scenario (multi-session desktop to virtual apps seamless apps). The seamless apps in the second hop are very sluggish. 

Test with vda 2106 on the multi-session desktop shows the performance is good. But we cannot use vda 2106 because this version has a bug with app-v application which doesn't work. 

For example opening a mail in Outlook takes around 4 seconds. Mark some text in a mail 4 - 5 seconds. Latency is about 20 ms in the double hop session. Switching between applications is slow.


Anybody out there with a good idea?


our environment:

Virtual Apps 2103

VDA 2103

Server 2016

Citrix Workspace App 2105

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Found it.


We've set this reg key:


Name: CursorShapeChangeMinInterval


Value: Possible values: 10 through 100. Recommended value: 50. The default is 0, which means disabled


If it's set to 50 the performance is bad in the second hop virtual Apps site. Since the error in vda 2106 has been resolved, it also explains why it worked with 2106.

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