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Hypersvisor Snapshots

Mike Maggio1709162854


We have a VM Snapshot schedule that keeps failing. We are seeing these errors:


The snapshot schedule failed because a snapshot could not be created 


SM has thrown a generic python exception 


This is Xneserver 7.6


I can't find anything on the web regarding this error that is relevant. Has anyone seen this and can you suggest a resolution?


Thank you,

Mike Maggio

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2 minutes ago, Luisa McLawhorn said:


An array-based snapshot is a copy of the image of a running VM or application server at a specific point in time and, as a result, the snapshot will appear as a “crash copy” of that VM/application if it is fully restored and accessed.

I"m not sure what you mean. The snapshots we are trying to create are not being created.

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The snapshot limit is around 30, but you usually see a message about the snapshot chain being too long.

Just thinking out loud you hit some sort of limit on XenServer or storage preventing the snapshot from

occurring. Local or remote storage? A single VM or multiple VM's? Windows or Linux ?


SM.log should give you some insight.




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Thanks Mark. I am aware of that but I am reluctant to upgrade until I get this issue fixed.

I rebooted all the hypervisors last week during mainatenance but that did not resolve the problem. I also noticed that when I tried to migrate a VM from one SR to another, we get the same generic python error. I am wondering if the problem is tieh the storage device itself (Equalogic). Has anyone experience an issue like this before?

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34 minutes ago, Mike Maggio1709162854 said:

I though you could go from 7.2 to 8 and then to 8.2.

no, it was only ever supported to upgrade from N-2 to N, i.e. 7.5/7.6 -> 8.0. Long Term Support releases, i.e. XenServer 7.1 CU2 are expected to be upgradable to the next LTSR release, i.e Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.

Currently there are only the two LTSRs in support, i.e XenServer 7.1 LTSR CU2 (until August 2022) and Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR

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