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Unable to configure workspace app through Netscaler with 'drop invalid http requests' enabled

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I am implementing a straightforward Netscaler ADC 13.x with Gateway functionality in combination with CVAD 1912LTSR. Storefront servers are load balanced using Netscaler using SSL.

My session profiles are configured to use the loadbalancer for accessing the storefront stores.

Everything is working for the Receiver  for web, however when connecting the Workpspace app (windows) externally to the gateway I am unable to add the account/store with the typical error messages like unable to retrieve the discovery info...


It looks like it is caused by enabling "drop invalid http request" on the loadbalancer vserver. When I remove the http profile  enforcing strict http validation on the lb vserver,  the workspace app configuration succeeds. 

Enabling the http profile  again causes the issue to reappear.  the HTTP profiel that we use is the default strict validation profile that comes with the box.

I would very much like to keep the http profile active on my vservers.


Does anyone have an idea why the workspace app in combination with the Gateway would cause invalid http requests to the loadbalancing vserver running on the same netscaler?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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