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Citrix Profile Management high cpu usage 7.15 vCU8

Jacco Tromp


the last week the Citrix Profile Management is taking CPU and don't let it go. de CPU usage is increasing until i kill de process. so to CPU time runs to 100%.


i have it on all my Citrix Servers. 


i Can't find log messages that indicates problems.


i was running Windows 2016 with 7.15 CU6, i upgraded to CU8 but the problem stays. the latest Windows updates are installed


i removed the virusscanner but that don't solve the problem.


has anyone some directions or a solution for my problem




citrix cpu.JPG

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we are having the same Issue in our current environment.

The Servers reboot every night from a PVS Image.

Some Servers do not seem to be affected, but they are mainly identical.

It might be an issue with the latest Windows Updates, since those have also been installed recently.






Currently we think it might be due to Windows Updates, since thats what usually breaks things lately....

I will see if i can remove them within the next few days and will report back.



Update, Issue might have been found

After further research we discovered that Google Chrome was accidentally update to Version 93, which seems to be causing the current issue.

I now rolled back to Version 92 and will report back on Wednesday, if that fixed our issue

Edited by Dirk Peter
Updating Issue / Adding Program that caused the issue
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10 hours ago, Sharanjit Singh1709162961 said:

Hey Dirk, we are having the same issue. What software does version 93 refer to? Hoping it resolves the issue.


Sorry, i forgot to mention that. Google Chrome in any version 93 was causing this issue for us.

We have it back on Version 92 since yesterday morning and the issues seems to have gone away.

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Thanks Dirk, looks like they released 93.0.04577.82 which resolved our high cpu usage. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.


Below are the notes from Chrome.


Chrome version 93.0.4577.63 had a bug.
Date: Sat Sep 11 00:59:57 2021

Sync: Reset unreasonably-short polling intervals

Sync does periodic polling; usually once every few hours.
A past bug caused the polling interval to get set to very small values
(< 1 second) for some clients.
This CL fixes the issue by resetting the value of the poll interval
pref if the existing value is unreasonably short - where "unreasonably
short" means, somewhat arbitrarily, less than one minute.

Bug is fixed in version 93.0.4577.82

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