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Netscaler Multiple authentication points

Joshua Lan


Hi everyone, 


Just a brief intro of myself, I am new to Citrix actually. So if there is any mistake or wrong assumption in my question, please do correct me. 


As per my understanding, at Netscaler level there is an option for me to integrate with 3rd party IdP (Okta, PingIdentity, etc) through SAML integration. If I have integrated with a 3rd party IdP, do I still have options for enabling passthrough authentication from desktop through same Netscaler (which have integrated with an IdP)? 









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On 9/15/2021 at 6:25 PM, Oriol Agullo1709161375 said:



Within the Citrix Storefront, you can to configure the Pass-through from Citrix Gateway and Delegate credential validation to Citrix Gateway.




Hi Oriol, 


Thanks for the response, but may I reclarify on the "pass-through" you mentioned above, does it meant that I can have several authentication methods to be available in the same time? Example, 1) IDP to Okta via SAML,  2) Passthrough enabled via Gateway or domain?



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It depends on what you mean by passthrough. 


ADC supports Kerberos as an authentication method.


It's also possible to configure Workspace app to forward LDAP credentials to a Gateway that has LDAP configured.


Or your SAML iDP can support pass-through authentication (or Seamless Single Sign-on).


For internal users, you typically bypass Gateway and instead connect directly to StoreFront, which supports Kerberos/NLTM for pass-through authentication.

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