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Profile Container - Confusing size reporting

Ross Faverty1709158252


I have a couple questions relating to Profile Container sizing. 


1. I noticed that there were multiple RO.vhdx - these are related to older sessions that are now closed. I check other users profile containers they also have these too. How can I make sure these are deleted after each session. All of our users use dynamically assigned, non-persistent desktops. 


2. When looking through our profile repository using FolderSizes I noticed that lots of our users have HUGE profile containers (ranging from 10GB to 50GB). The profile container is only holding AppData\Local & Roaming.  The attached screenshot is for a user who's profile container is reported to be 47.5GB but its only holds 1.78GB of data. Anyone have a good explanation for this? Its starting to cause havoc with our storage.






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