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MPX8920: InUse Memory High

Hoang Hung

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Dear all

I have pair MPX 8920 Citrix. I was checking inUse Memory and seen that it very high.

I seen that var/nslog have many newnslog.x.tar.gz file. (aboult 80 file , a file about 150MB)

And then, I have a question: How long citrix delete newnslog file or Netscaler newnslog rotation ?


How do you know solution to Inuse Memory reduce ?



Hoang Hung

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Hi Hoang Hung,


For the high InUse memory issue, please reach out to Citrix Support as this requires indepth analysis.

The count of newnslog files has nothing to do with the InUse memory.

The number of newnslog files depends on the value of nslog.nextfile in /var/nslog directory.


Refer to the below articles for more details:





Preetha Sampath


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