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Random connection interrupted in the middle of a Citrix VDA session

David Desjardins



At our company, we have a lot of users who use Citrix VDA in order to work from home.

It worked fine for a while, but now we are experiencing some random issue that we just can't seem to find the source of. The symptoms are that everyday, 2-3 random people will get constant connection interruptions everytime they click on something on the remote dektop session. If we just stare at the screen without doing anything we can stay connected for hours without any issue but once we do a click, the connection is interrupted and will try to reconnect it for the next 5 minutes.

When someone is having the issue, we found out that the VPN connection between him and our office is not the issue, because when we troubleshoot the PC, we are working locally, so we don't use any VPN and the connection interruptions still persist.

After a couple of hours, the problem will disapear for this person in particular and will strike on another user. It really is random without any pattern. It's not the same person 2 days in a row, and when someone had the issue, it can re-occur 2 weeks later, without any changes made to the PC or the server.

We are using the Virtual Desktop Agent 7.13 on our server and the VDA agent we install on the PC is the version
We are using either Citrix Workspace (1911) or Citrix Receiver
It can work fine for months, then one day it's gonna be buggy all day for this person in particuliar, then the problem goes away.

Do any of you have any idea of what can cause this issue to occur randomly on two PC's everyday, then never happens again or will come back in a couple of weeks.


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