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Can someone help me with Error id xdds: 05790E88



I uninstall the citrix from control panel

but there's some error was displayed when I uninstall the DDC,  failure to uninstall.

then I deleted citrix branch from HKLM, stopped the services which names begin with citrix, 

deleted the whole folder -> C:\program files\Ctrix.

And I run a new Install, after all components were installed, the Citrix studio shows error.


Right below is the error log


System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.PSSnapInException次のエラーのため、Windows PowerShell snapin

Citrix.Configuration.Admin.V2 を読み込めません: ファイルまたはアセンブリ 'Citrix.Configuration.PowerShellSnapin.dll",またはその依存関係の1つが読み込めませんでした。指定されたパスが見つかりません。




DesktopStudio_PowerShellHistory: GetConfiguredComponentListScript


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