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Minimum Hardware Requirements for Citrix Hypervisor

Rainer Fischer




In our doctor’s office we have a Fujitsu Server M1310 M1 (Windows Server 2012 R2) with 10 clients. The server has only a file-server-task and database (MSSQL)-task (necessary for our treatment/documentation software). Tasks like DNS Domaine Server, Webserver or email-Server are not necessary. The physical server has a Inter(R)Xeon(R) CPU E3-1226 v3 @3,30 GHz and 16 GB. RAM. Now we want to upgrade to Windows Server 2019 essentials


Our project is to virtualize the windows server 2019 on Citrix Hypervisor, to manage the tasks described above.


My Question: Can you tell me approximately the minimum hardware requirements of the physical server to perform theses tasks fluidly in a Windows Server 2019 VM ????


We want to take upgrade the Fujitsu Server to 32 GB RAM an we also want to replace the HDDs by SSDs. are these measures sufficient?



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I don't see the M1310 M1 on the HCL so I'm not sure how compatible it would be. I've had great luck running XenServer on Fujitsu servers,

so its definitely possible, just not with the blessings of Citrix and Fujitsu.  Other than that throwing memory at it and of course SSD's.

32GB sounds a little low, but that all depends on how many VM's you are wanting to run. So basically getting a good backup and trying

is the only way to know for sure unless you happen to have a second server to test with.





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