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Citrix Workspace 2106 and newer with HDX optimization cause Teams Desktop Sharing to stop sharing when switching desktop with Mission Control



With Citrix Workspace 2104 I can connect on a Windows virtual machine and share its desktop with Teams. If I use Mission Control to switch to another desktop, the sharing is not interrupted. With Citrix Workspace 2106 and newer in the same scenario, triggering Mission Control causes the Desktop Sharing to be interrupted.


As far as I understand there have been changes in how Citrix Workspace handles Desktop Sharing from version 2106 detailed in https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/multimedia/opt-ms-teams.html



Multimonitor: In cases where Desktop Viewer (CDViewer.exe) is in full-screen mode and spanning across multimonitor setups, Citrix Workspace app 2106 or higher (Windows/Linux/Mac) allows the screen picker to select the monitor to share. If Desktop Viewer is disabled (either by editing the .ica file template or Storefront web.config) or if Desktop Lock is being used, multimonitor selection isn;t available in the screen picker. SHIFT+F2 hotkey isn’t compatible with multimonitor screensharing.

In Workspace app versions older than 2106, only the primary monitor is shared. Users must drag the application in the virtual desktop to the primary monitor for the other peer on the call to see it.


I think the change has some unintended consequences when using Misson Control as opposed to having actual separate physical monitors.

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