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Credentials pop up on Mac keeps popping up. Why?

Diederik van der Staay


When commencing a session with Citrix Workspace on my Mac, a pop-up asks for my credentials: login name, password for my organisation and the OneSpan Authenticator code, presumably to get Citrix Viewer up and running. Once entered I can then proceed and start Citrix Viewer and everything works fine. After about half an hour so, the credential asking pop-up pops up again and won't leave until I have entered my credentials again. Pretty annoying and apparently only happening on Mac computers. This repeats roughly every half hour or hour or so.

Even after having closed WorkSpace and Citrix Viewer (with the Close... -option in the File pull down menu), it still pops up. In the menu bar at the top of my screen I need to actively stop the Viewer again to make the pop up not popping up anymore.

This is occuring now every time I use Workspace since the last update to version


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