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Filter driver issue: ZwReadFile causes OSR fsdk exception in my IRP_MJ_CREATE dispatch routine for PicaDriveRedirector file, returning Invalid Handle status

Juumlrgen Falk


When my filter driver calls ZwReadFile in IRP_MJ_CREATE dispatch routine for PicaDriveRedirector file for a mapped drive, it causes an OSR fsdk exception in the lower level PicaDriveRedirector driver (Citrix redirector). The IoCreateFileSpecifyDeviceObjectHint succeeds so I get a valid handle. But calling ZwReadFile with the valid handle, causes the OSR fsdk exception below. The user action behind is, that the file is about to be copied from the mapped drive F: (an USB stick) to the desktop. The full path looks like this: \\Device\PicaDriveRedirector\Client\F$\myfile.exe. 

*** FSDK DEBUGGING: Caught exception in FSDK Code ***
*** FSDK DEBUGGING: Caught exception in FSDK Code ***
*** ***
*** You should execute the following windbg commands: **
*** ***
*** ***
*** .exr 0xFFFF82078ED7F1D0 ; .cxr 0xFFFF82078ED7F270 ; kv ***

*** ***
*** ***
*** (this is current as of WinDBG ***
*** For current versions please see ***
*** http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/ddk/debugging ***
*** ***

*** FSDK DEBUGGING: Continued past breakpoint. ***


return values from ZwReadFile

452a0080: IRP_MJ_CREATE ZwReadFile Error: Status=c0000008, IoStatusBlock.Status=0, Handle=800022e4


It looks like the handle becomes invalid during read. This all happens when I'm filtering the \device\picadriveredirector files. I assume it occurs in the OSR Windows File System Development Kit (FSDK) that the Citrix picadriveredirector team is using. The exception is raised by the lower level picadriveredirector driver.  I've also created the read IRP by myself and sent it down, to bypass ZwReadFile, same problem.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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