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Microsoft Teams Teams crashes in a Citrix shared desktop environment



Hi I hope for a solution to this issue, 

As soon as users log in to Citrix Shared Desktop (nonpersistent), Teams starts up nicely but after about 1 hour Teams crashes and users have to start Teams again.


Our environment runs on on-premises Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1912 LTSR CU2 and we are using Provisioning method to deploy Citrix Shared Desktop machines for our users.

1 x Licentie server 
2 x PVS Servers
2 x DDC Servers
2 X STF Servers


We have 25 x Citrix Shared desktops - nonpersistent, about 14 users per machine are logging at the same timeon (Windows Server 2016 with the latest MS updates)

Teams Installed : Execute "msiexec /i C:\temp\Teams_windows_x64.msi /l*v C:\temp\Teams_windows_x64.log ALLUSER=1"


Microsoft Teams (You have Microsoft Teams version (64-bit). Citrix HDX optimized. 


Installed: Citrix Workspace App 19.12.4000.19 in combination with Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.9.300.2604


For userprofile, we use Citrix profilemanagement and FSlogix. There is simply enough space for the user profiles, but we have set up to be sure that the Teams cache is emptied when logging in Teams again.


Citrix UPM 1913.3001
Citrix Profile management 19.12.3001.7
Citrix UpmVDAPlugin 19.12.3001.7
Citrix PVS_Device_x64 1912.0.7.24022


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Event Viewer doesn't show anything about this, and we have already taken up a case with Microsoft, even Microsoft has not been able to find a solution yet


We built a new image (vDisk) yesterday, including September's Ms updates, in addition


Teams updated : You have Microsoft Teams version (64-bit). Citrix HDX optimized. Last updated on 4/28/2021.

Citrix Workspace 1912 version 19.12.5000.3

Citrix HDX Realtime is no longer installed


But issue is still not resolved






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Teams is pretty unstable in Citrix to be honest.

You can always try to update to a later version of Teams, is the latest one.

Citrix HDX Realtime is not needed on local devices, that is only needed if you run Skype Business
Citrix Workspace use the built-in Chromium browser to run Teams in "webmode" when you are using Teams in a HDX Optimized mode.

You can try to upgrade the Workspace App as well, as 19.12.5 had a lot of Teams fixes

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Hi Daniel,


Thank you very much.

Do I understand correctly that "Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine" no longer needs to be installed? Using Skype is indeed outdated, we don't use it anymore :)


I will update this in the coming weeks and let you know if this helped me

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Hi Daniel,


Oh so, so we didn't know that :)  how can I check if the connector is indeed installed on the VDA it's not in programs and files 


By the way, this issue only occurs on the shared (where multiple users log in at the same time) Desktop, because we have also a VDI's  where individual 1 user can log in also with the same Teams version, Citrix Workspace and Citrix HDX Realtime Media Engine and there is not but they don't have an issue with Teams in this.
We have

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You should see the connector under add remove program, if its not there its not installed.

But it doesn't matter if its installed, it should not cause issue with Teams.

If it only crasched on multi user machine and not on VDI, could it be that its running out of juice? the server is under to much load when it crash.

Do you have the option to put more server online? so you get less user per server

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On 9/8/2021 at 8:54 AM, Tangawi said:

Connector is not installed :)



Yes, we have that option, we have done that but Teams crashes is not solved

We currently have 30 servers online, so there are now between 9 and 11 sessions per machine





If Teams is crashing, we need some type of logs.

It is impossible to troubleshoot otherwise.


Anything on the Event Viewer? 


At any case, a Teams crash is better handled by Microsoft. I suggest you open a case with them first.




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Hi Marco,

Thank you, But it's not a typo on my part


"msiexec /i C:\temp\Teams_windows_x64.msi /l*v C:\temp\Teams_windows_x64.log ALLUSER=1"   

This is a special install of microsoft teams for non-persistent environments, where it installs to the local C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Teams location rather than %users%\appdata\local.


Correct me if i'm wrong

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On 10/13/2021 at 3:35 AM, Tangawi said:

Hello Daniel Viklund,

Then I did it wrong if this is correct, do you have an article from Citrix that contains this?


Thank you 




msiexec /i <path_to_msi> /l*v <install_logfile_name> ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1


This example also uses the ALLUSERS=1 parameter. When you set this parameter, the Teams Machine-Wide Installer appears in Programs and Features in the Control Panel and in Apps & features in Windows Settings for all users of the computer. All users can then uninstall Microsoft Teams if they have administrator credentials.

It’s important to understand the difference between ALLUSERS=1 and ALLUSER=1. You can use the ALLUSERS=1 parameter in non-VDI and VDI environments. Use the ALLUSER=1 parameter only in VDI environments to specify a per-machine installation.


In ALLUSER=1 mode, the Microsoft Teams application doesn’t auto-update whenever there’s a new version. We recommend this mode for non-persistent environments, such as hosted shared apps or desktops out of a Windows Server or Windows 10 random/pooled catalogs. For more information, see Install Microsoft Teams using MSI (VDI Installation section).

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