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Mac Big Sur 11.5.2 Not Supported by latest Version of Citrix Workspace

Anna Hornbach


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We had similar issues after upgrading MacOS to Big Sur 11.5.2 and using any version newer than 2107 of the Citrix Workspace app for Mac. In our case the app simply crashes after a few seconds when connecting via our Citrix Gateway on NetScaler 13.0 build 82.45 with DTLS1 enabled.


Removing the newer version of the Citrix Workspace app for Mac and re-installing version 2107 resolved this. It looks like DTLS1 is broken from version 2108 and higher (at least when running on MacOS 11.5.x and higher). When we disable DTLS1 on the NetScaler (and enable only DTLS1.2) the Citrix Workspace app for Mac (version 2108 and higher)  uses TCP and TLS1.2 instead of UDP/DTLS1 and works fine. Citrix Workspace app for Windows and/or Linux successfully connect using DTLS1.2 in that case.


From the Citrix Workspace app for Mac documentation it looks like even the current version does not support DTLS1.2. With DTLS1 not working either, this obviously means that MacOS users fall back to using TCP, which has an impact on high latency connections where UDP (or DTLS) works much better. I can only hope that Citrix fixes the broken DTLS1 functionality or starts supporting DTLS1.2 in Citrix Workspace app for Mac soon.



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