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Perhaps an RFE ? WEM config sets and AD OU assignment for machines.

Michael Warrillow1709160721


I'd like WEM to have a setting where it will or will not enumerate all objects recursively in AD . 

Am finding that I have to flatten my OU structure for my VDA as I attempt to replace GPO's with WEM settings. 


I have child OU's and I cant assign parent OU to one config set and a child OU to another config set.

This is as by default WEM enumerates all the objects recursively in an OU.


For example


We have 

OU  :  bigDomain.local\Citrix\VDA_office\ChildOU1

OU  :  bigDomain.local\Citrix\VDA_office\ChildOU2


We have computer objects in both OU's .


Computer :  CompFav13245 is in ChildOU2


I cant have

OU  bigDomain.local\Servers\Citrix\VDA_office   attached to ConfigSet1 


OU  bigDomain.local\Servers\Citrix\VDA_office\ChildOU2  attached to ConfigSet2


I will get errors for agent registration with WEM otherwise :  Agent 'CompFav13245 ' is bound to multiple configuration sets


I  have to think about our OU and GPO differently. 


It was largely designed with settings being apply by GPO. 


I know I could use AD groups and assign computers to groups but that requires regularly checking the computers

or individual computers




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Cannot you just link to each lowest level OU.


OU  :  bigDomain.local\Citrix\VDA_office\ChildOU1 < Link one config set here, and 

OU  :  bigDomain.local\Citrix\VDA_office\ChildOU2 < Link another one here.

Its no limit how many OU you can link it to..



James for us, we have multiple config set, because we are do multi-tenant, it gets pretty messy when you have application/drive mapping/reg values for 50+ customers in the same config set.

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