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Citrix workspace app: When use a multiple monitor, o up part of one, show a part in blank, no interaction os this part


My users use a workspace app for connect to cloud system, ocasionally, in some aplications (chrome, windows explorer, acrobar reader, not all at some moment, in ocasions one, or two apps) in the upper part of navigation menu, appear with blank part.

A minor part of the poeple have a problem, not all of the users. can't interact with this applications, and if you try to click, you interact with the background application, desktop or other aplication if this not effected for this problem.

The solution for work normally if close the sesion with cloud (not citrix app user) and reopen  desktop. Ocasionally, connection with other pc, solve the problem.


I reinstall entire pc to update to windows 10, and update to last version of citrix workspace.  The IT of cloud service create a new profile for one user afected, but the problems continue.


I read about scalation of desktops, but his users don't use this options, and the problem appear ocasionally, maximum 2 days per week

Attach photography to see the problem.

Thanks to all.




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