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Citrix workspace Version: (2108) is blank on MacOS Big Sur 11.5.1

Himanshu Chuphal


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Workspace app for Mac is supported on 11.5.2. Kindly help us with below queries:

1. Are other users in your company on Big Sur 11.5.2 also seeing the same issue?

2. Did you upgrade the OS recently to 11.5.2 and only then started facing this issue?

3. Are you launching a virtual app or desktop for work? 

4. What do you see when launching Workspace app from the Mac app section or the menu bar?


Your responses will help us debug further

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1. Not sure

2. Yes, upgraded to the OS recently to 11.5.2 and then starting to see the issue

3. Desktop for work, works fine from my windows oS but not on mac

4. I told before just the icon and but screen is black.


Your own website download page doesn't say it supports 11.5.2!


any update? 

This link only says supporting 11.5.1 not 11.5.2 !! https://www.citrix.com/downloads/workspace-app/mac/workspace-app-for-mac-latest.html

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Hi, Himanshu Chuphal

1. Which version Windows desktop do you launch?  Windows 10 ? or others?

2. Do you connect multi-monitor?

3. Could you provide log file?

Follow below steps to enable log.

Preferences --> Advanced --> Logging




4. Could take screen snapshot?


I can not reproduce this issue on macOS 11.5.2 with Citrix Workspace (2108) .





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