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Compatibility Issue ELM 21.6 and MS KB5005030


We have problems publishing an image with ELM21.6 that contains a new build platform layer after installing MS patch KB5005030 (WIN 2019 LTSC) into the OS layer.

Images are running into a BSOD during publishing.


Details can be found here:



I am struggling with this for a while now with support without any result.


The original post obviously has a misleading header, so I thought it might be a good idea to address this with a correct description.


Any ideas ?

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No, I didn't notice any problem using the OS Layer including MS updates in combination with a platform layer that was already build.

So I cleaned up all old stuff a few weeks ago ...

The first time I ran into this problem was after updating to horizon 2106, because now I needed a new platform layer.


I still have the first OS Layer import which I never deleted for "emergency cases" like this and I already made a new version from that up to but not including that MS update.

However some APP Layer(s) are not working with it and I would need to find out where the problem lies (most probably .net dependent applications, very likely MS Office 2016) ...


Fun fact:

I tried building a new platform layer unsing the first OS Layer including updated vmtools and all ms updates except the problematic one.

Than I published this platform layer together with the current OS layer that I was using the last month with success.


Not sure if this "workaround" is a clean solution though.

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