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Configure Logging for Workspace 2106 for Linux

Russ Gentry


Hw do I configure the logging for Citrix Workspace 2106 for Linux Debian package via config file to use in a configuration management deployment scheme? In https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-workspace-app-for-linux/configure-xenapp.html#logging I see the command-line interface is set thru /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/setlog. setlog levels, setlog flags etc. Do I configure how I want logging on a machine I install workspace on then copy the setlog file and use it to replace the default setlog file in my deployments? 


I know the debug.ini does not exist after version 2009 but module.ini does and I see the logging setup there but its empty or false of values even with logging configured thru setlog. Below are the logging values from module.ini with logging set to errors for all traces in setlog. The log file at /var/log/Citrix/ICAClient.log is created.


;** Change this value in retail builds to enable retail logging.
;** Setting this to 3 will print only error and warning messages
;** whereas setting it to 6 or 7 will dump all the logs



;** ICA Client Logging (false/true/verbose)




Thank you

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