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Reverse Proxy/Content Switching for ADSelfservice Plus from ManageEngine

Ken Z

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Got a NetScaler Build 13 running a content switch/reverse proxy redirecting to multiple internal Web Servers. 

One of those internal web servers is ManageEngine's ADSelfService Plus (https://www.manageengine.com/products/self-service-password/)

This was working fine for a couple of years until it was time to upgrade the software to the latest patch (recently).

As usual, this broke the redirection and now this no longer works (the other reverse proxy internal sites are fine).

Spent some time looking at this and can't seem to figure out the correct rules to get this working again.


Anyone else using this software (version 4.5) behind a NetScaler content switch? what are your transform rules looking like?




Ken Z

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Do you know if it is a rewrite issue or an ssl handshake issue (possible due to adc upgrade dropping support for a cipher or protocol the backend server was using)?

For cert issue you might see it in logs or via a trace, especially in handoff from adc to backend.

Url transforms are obviously much harder to figure out (and I don't have info for that part).

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