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One of our customers have a strange problem. Every now and then the whole screen is flickering for a few seconds. Users work with published applications seamless and use desktop pc's. The whole screen is flickering including the local task bar, start menu button and all windows except the active Outlook mail windows (published Outlook 2016) are flickering.

Only this customer is affected. About 30 users of 1000 in this site.

If they work from home with their private computers over Citrix Gateway this issue does not happen which leads me to believe it's a pc related issue. We've updated all drivers but with no change. There are users which are not affected and use the same applications and the same type of pc.

Maybe it's a focus issue from one of their customer-specific applications...

Any ideas?


Our environment:

Server 2016 vda

Virtual Apps 1912

Citrix Workspace App 2105

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