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WEM causes user sessions to get stuck when logging out

Björn Schläfli


Sometimes WEM causes user sessions to get stuck. It's not possible to log off these sessions completely. Delivery controller sees the open session but on the vda server no session exists. If you dig deeper with process explorer and search for this user id you find some system processes with open handles for this user. That's why we see the user in Citrix Studio. That causes the problem that the user cannot open a new session because the ddc tries to reconnect the hanging session. The only chance is to set the attribute hidden to true for the user session, so the ddc doesn't see the session and sends the user to another vda server.

We've had this in two of our three sites. Since we've installed WEM in the third one this issue started to happen there also. Therefore I suspect WEM is the cause.

Anyone else facing this issue?


Our environments:

Server 2016 vda

Virtual Apps 2103 (issue existed also with 1912 and older versions)

WEM 2103 (issue existed also with 1912 and older versions)

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