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New MCS master image from existing master image



Production MCS image specs for Non persistent VDI pool:


OS-Windows 10, compute- 2vCPU and 8GB. Now the requirement is to create a new MCS non persistent VDI pool with-4vCPU and 16GB RAM. 


Below is the plan:

1. Clone the existing MCS image, rename it and edit compute to 4vcpu and 16GB. Any special config required on the cloned image-, something like sysprep and will the new image be added to the same domain as existing.

2.Snapshot the image- create new machine catalog and delivery group.

3.Create a new AD security group followed by VDI provisioning to end users.


Please let me know if I miss any important piece of information or anything need to be done so the existing image and VDIs will not be impacted with cloning.

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Thanks Carl. 


Once the clone is complete, Do I need to create a AD computer account for the new image in the same OU as existing and add it to domain? Or the computer account is created automatically during clone process

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We want to manage it separately- for instance we patch the images every month and the new image will also be part of the patch cycle. So I need to open the image for patching and seal it to update the catalog. 


Do I really need to sysprep the cloned image and I believe MCS has inbuilt sysprep mechanism?

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We just started working on the above task. I've powered off the source master image and cloned the image to created a new one and everything looks fine. However, on vSphere console I see that both the images are sharing the same DNS name. Is that going to create any issues?

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