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Netscaler VPX NS13.0; Build 47.24nc "Error in retrieving Version" on Configuration pages

Derry Birse

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This is a strange one, I connect to my Netscaler VPX (NS13.0; Build 47.24nc)  management web interface using Chrome from a client on the same subnet (lets say aaa.bbb.2.0/24) as the NSIP and I have no problems. But connect from a different (but routed) subnet (lets say aaa.bbb.0.0/23) and I can login fine, but I am immediately presented with an error message "Error in retrieving Version." (see attached).  Closing this message allows me to confirm that indeed the top right menu is corrupted (see other images).


001.png002.png             003.png

I can browse around various parts of the GUI without issue, but some configuration functionality just doesn't work (e.g. Upgrade EPA Libraries - Upgrade button) , and any return to a Configuration page generates the error . The Dashboard, Reporting, Documentation or Downloads menu's are fine, only the Configuration menu is affected.


As I say, I do not have the problem when connecting from a client on the same subnet as the NSIP. Very strange!

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