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Limit user to login to only 1 of 2 Desktops in the same Delivery group

Stefan Grenliden


I have 1 Delivery Group with 2 Desktops

Each Desktop has a couple of virtual servers and Citrix uses Tags to separate them.

All users in a ad group has access to both Desktops.

This works perfectly fine but.


Is there a possibility to prevent the user to login to both desktop at the same time.

so the user should be able to login to both desktops but if the user has logged in to Desktop 1,

user should not be able to login to Desktop 2 and vice versa


I hope you understand what I mean.



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By default it should only allow a single connection.  If they attempt to launch a second desktop it should just reconnect them to the previous session.  


However if you define 2 desktops in the Delivery group then they will publish as separate items.  Is there a particular reason to have 2 desktops defined in the delivery group?

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Any reason you are putting both under a single delivery group instead of creating 2 delivery groups?  Then you could do user based targeting and lock them to a gpu/non-gpu session.


If the apps on the machine are the same, and you don't care which machine people get you can just deploy both Machine Catalogs to the 1 delivery group and have just a single Desktop defined.  That will keep people to just a single machine.  But when you add additional Desktop options in the list that is designed to give users multiple desktops in the same environment.

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