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Citrix PVS UEFI Rebalance not Working

Harald Schulz


Hi everyone, we have a strange issue with our PVS-Server environment. We have two different vdisks (one with BIOS and one with EFI-Boot) The boot process works great for both vdisks (configured DHCP-Options 3,6,11,15 and 67 (same subnet)) (067 contains the pvsnbpx64.efi for the EFI-Target devices). Now the rebalance option for the UEFI-Devices is not working (The devices are unresponsive an only a hard-reset works) (Rebalancing for the BIOS target devices works fine). Is there any another configuration / setting we missed?

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Once target devices both from either PVS server, DHCP options are configured fine.

Option 11 has all PVS servers listed
Option 66&67 with UEFI bootstrap file and tftp server.

Target device hang after succesful boot and operation, but during failover or HA reconnect, can sometimes be an issue with 3rd party software within the vdisk.
For example below KB article, majority of customers reporting the issue, were using UEFI;

It might be worthwhile, if above is not useful, testing a vanilla install vdisk, just windows, vm tools, and PVS target device software, and verify that everything works fine.

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