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I have a problem on mapping network drives with Wem (version 1903.0.1.1):


-  At the first login on the laptop the network drives are not loaded.

-  Even if I do a wem refresh nothing happens.

-  There are three network drives that need to be mapped.

-  If I map only 1 network drive manually with the command "net use x: https://collab/test/xxx" it is correctly mapped.

After this mapping of only one disk if I run the wem refresh all disks are automatically mapped correctly.

   As if this process triggers something....


Please note that Self-Healing is enabled.




I attach the configuration:


image.thumb.png.843a7d79ebc167598f368a0a80d4709c.png image.thumb.png.329553cbc38dd3314dad77a60baa89c4.png image.thumb.png.a34b8de0b0df5fe8e812d116c554bc9f.png


image.thumb.png.3c06b2090617752eecaf81fce2f0c680.png image.thumb.png.b69509564d432a5f651847919babf475.png image.thumb.png.9031c3e1628033caafe0a7e2bec133ef.png      



Any help is greatly appreciated




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