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Lost traffic with VPN and client Internal Virtual Switches

Justin Rackliffe

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A number of developer tools (Docker Desktop, WSL2) are leveraging Hyper-V for providing container and VM functionality on the client.  Most often they leverage internal vswitches and a built in NAT to make the UX easy.  

When we have a VPN connected I can see traffic popping out of the internal subnet and hit a static route which sends traffic (both UDP and TCP) up the VPN in the verbose logging.  I can see reply traffic sent down to the same gateway process, but from there it doesn't seem to head back to the virtual switches gateway and onto the VM.  Nothing jumps out in the logging that it is being dropped, but maybe i am just missing it?


We do leverage some split tunneling so I am wondering if those configs are limiting other rfc1918 routes unintentionally.

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