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Installing 7.6 server under 8.2

Uwe Faber


Hi Folks,


after upgrade from 7.6 to 8.2 some legacy Vms with Windows 2000 geht a blue screen after starting.

so i installed the 7.6 Server as vm under 8.2.


This works fine, but after moving the W2000 VM to the 7.6 and i try to start i got the message


"Error HVM is required for this operation"


any hints to solve this ?




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I'm surprised you actually got 7.6 to run under 8.2. Can you get a Linux VM to install/run on 7.6 ?

If so maybe you can get a w2K vm to run under 7.6 with either legacy XenTools or no XenTools.

But yea, this sort of thing I would just want in a test environment, not production. Totally not

supported. You may have to see about XCP-ng for w2K compatibility or do what I do and use 

Oracle VirtualBox (Running NT 4.0 VM's , don't ask, its a long story).....




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