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The Citrix Universal DLL Injection Driver has encountered an unexpected error

Conor Lynch1709162897


Hi All,

We are trialing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 (v2106) in our company and not having a lot of luck with the implementation. 

2 servers have been setup for the POC both WS2019

First server: Storefront + license server

Second server: Everything else (director, studio, VDA)

There is no firewall between our test PC and the servers. The test PC is running the latest version of Workspace agent

AV is Windows defender and we have excluded eveything to do with Citrix, including C:\program files \Citrix and C:\program Files (x86)\Citrix. AV has also been fully disabled as part of our troubleshooting.


Everything works fine, except when a desktop is launched we only get the grey screen. Every 5 minutes, like clockwork, we are getting event 1005 The Citrix Universal DLL Injection Driver has encountered an unexpected error.


We've been through this discussion forum and tried everything anyone has suggested but nothing works.

As we're only trialing this, we do not have support. We're ready to abandon Citrix and move to AVD which took a whole 20 minutes to setup.

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Hi Conor,


Based on your description, it sounds like you may have installed the Delivery Controller and VDA on the same machine. If this is the case, please note that this is not a supported configuration and you need a third machine to install the VDA and host your user sessions. That would leave you with:

  • First server: Storefront + License server
  • Second server: Delivery Controller, Studio, Director
  • Third server: VDA

From an antivirus perspective, we haven't seen or heard of any issues with Windows Defender. Given the error you're calling out, however, you can try excluding "%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\CtxUvi.sys".  We have additional guidance here: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/tech-zone/build/tech-papers/antivirus-best-practices.html


By the way, since you're considering AVD, we do have a cloud-based option as well that eliminates the need of on-prem control plane. More info on the cloud-based packages is here: https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-cloud/




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