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XenServer 8.2 Hight Inflight Request (Storage)

Sean Hulbert1709162565




I am seeing on all my XenServers 8.2 the local storage 2 inflight Requests are is a steady line, but very high (Inflight Requests = 77518.2578).


Dell R720 

Dual Xeon 12C 24T (24C 48T)

512G Ram

2x Raid 5 using SSD (SSD 256G ea x5 =1.2TB) Local Storage 1 and Local Storage 2, 

2x 1G NIC

2x 10G NIC


The local storage 2 high Inflight Requests seems to be consistent across all servers, even the servers with little to no load on them. 


Additional information: the server will have anywhere from 30 to 200 VMs running at a time, UDOM is set to 32G




Thank You


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