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Upgrade to from previously released version causes unexpected problems in core application

Terry Cuppett1709159819


After upgrading to, publishing an existing Template with no changes produces certain components of our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system to fail. I have placed a ticket with support but the response has not been positive as of yet (nearly 4 weeks) so I am posting this in hopes of some guidance.


The software that is exhibiting the problem is required to be on every desktop we create and we have been using it since Unidesk 2. We have not experienced any problems with layering this application prior to the latest update. Even taking a Template that was published in the previous version that is currently in production and re-publishing without change breaks the existing layer. Recapturing the app layer with the new version does not fix the problem.


I have determined that the problem does not occur when Elastic Layering in the template is disabled. Turning elastic layering off is not an option because we deliver dozens of applications using it. I have gotten the app to produce a message one time that indicates the problem appears to be a permissions error when accessing portions of its directory structure under C:\ProgramData\'application'. The directory  structure is 10 or 11 levels deep in places.


It has been suggested by support that we build a new server/appliance with the previous working version and transition to it to buy time for engineering to look over some low altitude Procmon logs and Console logs. Waiting for a fix may take a while and in the mean time I have other application layers that require updates or new installs stacking up.


Is rebuilding my ELM Console my only option at this point and if so, how difficult is it going to be to migrate things from the current console?

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Yes. We have recreated the layer from scratch hoping that the new ELM version would more readily accept the program and allow us to publish a working application. After that is when I started trying to determine the cause and discovered that everything works with Elastic Layering turned off using the original layer or the new layer.


I just received the following message from  our vendor. Apparently they get an alert when a client 'crashes' and they are proactively trying to collect information on the cause: 


Coelmar,Ron (MEDITECH) - Aug 17, 2021 - 1620 EDT: Hi Kristin, Site has experienced some sporadic crashing in Echart, Analyst Desktop, and Scanning Desktop. The most recent example is for user Terry Cuppett yesterday 08/16 on client TBC at 09:59-10:00. Is it possible for someone at site to check Windows Events for that client at that time? The crash is related to data cache at this location: C:\ProgramData\Meditech\CME.Universe\CME.LIVEF.Ring\!AllUsers\Sys\DataCacheV3\HC IS\CME.LIVEF.HCIS\Mis\SbDict\MsPlfMst\=2ESCAN.mtSo

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