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Citrix MCS - How to set Machine to Revert to last deployed Image


I am looking for a way to use MCS in a PVS Manor. By this i am looking for a way to have systems reboot and revert any Installed apps, Software and such back to the original Image that i pushed out. We currently have used PVS in the past to revert any changes to a Streamed desktop back to the last Master Image. 

In MCS i installed a driver outside of the Master Image however after reboot it held on to this driver. We have used this method in the past in PVS that if a Image lets say gets infected we place in maintenance mode and reboot. it goes back to last published image. 


Does MCS have a way of doing this on a Multi-session deployment? if so where can i find the info for that or can someone guide me in the right direction


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