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Claims of user not found - OAth IDP

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I am trying to configure OAth IDP policy on the ADC but after logon I get the following error:

Relaying Party requested claims of user not found.


How to troubleshoot? How to find out which claims are requested and how to specify claims?

I thought by adding the below in the Attributes field the email address (EmailAddress) is used as one the attributes in the claims.



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7 hours ago, Hans Lindahl said:

Hi https://discussions.citrix.com/profile/12762843-mvan_as845/- did you get this sorted? If so - how? I'm experiencing the same issue, my LDAP Server has the email attribute set to "mail"  and I do have an email address which is perfectly retrieved by the LDAP server when used for SAML federations.


We solved it. We had a corrupt certificate. Can't say where exactly, since it was another technician who found it.

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