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Script creation for Citrix Console

Danish Khan1709162820




I am reaching out today in regard to a script that I am trying to run in order to help with a report output for a Citrix console. I am following the Carl Webster website below in order to get this process in place. I however seem to be having a problem with step 12 in the below screenshot of the steps. These steps can be seen In the downloaded file from the Carl Webster website linked below as well. My question is whether the .txt file has been created already or if there is some sort of issue in the creation of that file. If there is any insight on this matter then that would be amazing.



WEBSITE: https://carlwebster.com/downloads/download-info/citrix-cloud-citrix-virtual-apps-and-desktops-service/






Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 10.20.08 AM.png

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I had the exact issue when I rebuilt my lab. The Citrix Group Policy Management console installer REQUIRES the VC++ runtimes. Those MUST be installed BEFORE you install the Citrix GPMC installer. Uninstall the Citrix GPMC, install the required VC++ redistributables, and then install the Citrix GPMC.


I reported this as a (to me) failure of the installer. No installer should allow a human to screw up the use of the product. If the two VC++ Redistributables are REQUIRED/MANDATORY, then, in my opinion, the installer should detect they are not installed, install them, and then continue with the original installation. Just my $0.02 US worth.


I need to update the ReadMe file to point this out.

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