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1912 CU3 LTSR Black Boxes/Screens when launching Published Apps from Windows Client

Robert Kuehne




since our migration (New Installed 1912 CU3 LTSR on  Server 2019) we got  the problem that when published Apps are started from an Windows Client  we get black Boxes/Screens.

For Example


- when Outlook ist started, there comes an Black Boxes in the Same size of the splash screen before the  Outlook Loading splash screen.
- when Outlook an chrome are open (fullscreen) and minimized to taskbar we get an full screen black screen when getting them back or switch the app

- After an Right Mouseclick the Black Screen disappears and Outlook comes back.

- This also happens with other apps

-  When the outlook window is only resized the Black Screen disappears after1-2 seconds and the App is shown


What Works

- It works fine if  a PublishedDesktop is launched on the  Windows Client before and the apps are started from within.

- The Problem does not exist on our  thinclients (IGEL and HP T610) - they are using Desktops


what we have tried (without Success)


- Disable AV
- Different Receiver Version (1912 LTSR / 4.9.7 LTSR / 21.03)

- Disable Logon UI RegKey 

- Different Garphic Drivers 

- Different Windows 10 Builds on Clients (2004 / 20H2 / 21H1)

- Disable App Readiness Service


On Our old  XenappFarm (Old Domain with Server 2016 and 1912 CU1 ) we didnt had this issues.


i hope someone else have an idea or already fixed this.


best regards 





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