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Receiver ignores my settings (start desktops windowed) and my saved layout and always starts in fullscreen

Markus Naumlher




I'm using Citrix Receiver And it has a mayor annoyance. As stated in the subject, it ignores my settings (start desktops windowed) and my saved layout and always starts in fullscreen.

This is specially bad because I have two screens with different vertical resolution (1920x1200, 3440x1440). IMO it should never maximize in this setup at all, because part of the remote screen is invisible this way.


I've read somewhere that dual screen is not (fully) supported. But I've seen two screens in many offices, often with different resolution or with the same resolution but different orientation (one portrait, one landscape). Dual screens are very common, at least here in Germany.


But back to my problem ... is there a way I can make it start windowed and in the size and position I saved using the "Save Layout" button of the top menu ?




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Hi Markus,


I noticed that in 21.xx releases where xx >= 06, someone added "UseFullScreen=True" to ${ICAROOT}/config/wfclient.template (where $ICAROOT is usually /opt/Citrix/ICAClient), which had not been in that file previously.  I suspect that this may be the cause of your problem.  Try editing the file and deleting that line, then do the same in ~/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini if that exists.


It's not at all true that dual displays are not supported.  But you do have to be running a window manager that provides _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS properties in the root window, and not all Linux window managers do this.  Run ${ICAROOT}util/hdxcheck.sh and see what that says under "Checking that your XServer supports Multi-Monitor".

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