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Good morning,


I have just updated the OS Layer with vmTools 11.3 and added a new Platform Layer containing Horizon Agent 2106.

When I deploy an image I get a BSOD saying this:



During creation of a new Platform Layer I noticed a pop up, which is new to me :




We are currently running ELM 21.6, offload composition is turned off for testing.

I created multiple images with different combinations.

The only combination that worked successfully was using an old platform layer from April, or no platform layer at all.


/EDIT (these tests make no sense for production, but I did those for the peace of mind):

Installing the Horizon Agent 2106 after deploying an image -> works

Installing the Horizon Agent into the OS Layer and deploy w/o platform layer -> works.

Installing the Horizon Agent into the OS Layer and deploy with an empty platform layer -> works.


The only working platform layer was created April, so before I updated to ELM 21.6.

Publishing an image when everything is installed in the OS layer also works fine.



I used the originally imported OS Layer with vmtools version 10.3 and image prep tool 19.2 to update step by step and find out at what point the image deploy breaks. I always created the new versions based on the ones before and I always created a new platform layer with horizon 2103 for each individual OS Layer.


Test 0 original import -> works

Test 1 new version w/o any change -> works

Test 2 added MS Updates -> works

Test 3 updated os machine tools folder (c:\windows\setup\scripts), but left image prep tool at version 19.2 (didn't run setup_x64.exe) -> works

Test 4 updated vmtools from 10.3 to 11.3 -> works

Test 5 updated image prep tool from 19.2 to 21.6 -> works

Test 6 uninstalled IE and silverlight, ran windows updates again -> failure


After uninstalling IE and silverlight surprisingly some more MS updates were available. And also the current 08/2021 popped up again.


Test 7 : new version from Test 1, uninstalled IE and Silverlight, ran Windows updates -> failure

Test 8 : new version from Test 7, uninstalled KB4589208 -> failure

Test 9 : new version from Test 1, only uninstalled IE and Silverlight, no MS updates after that -> works

Test 10 : new version from Test 8, uninstalled KB4535680 -> failure

Test 11 : new version from Test 5, uninstalled IE, skipped updates KB4589208 & KB4535680 & KB2267602, suprisingly KB5005030 (Cum Update 2021-08) was reinstalled by windows update -> failure

Test 12: new version from Test 5, ran windows update again and noticed, that KB5005030 was installed again ?! -> failure


It seems like somehow cum update 2021-08 is being installed multiple times for whatever reason.  After the first install of that update is shows up in the update history, but not in the list of updates that can be uninstalled (strange !). When rebooting and running windows update again it starts all over and after that it appears in the update history a second time and it then shows up in the list of installed updates which can be uninstalled.

I have the feeling the problem appears with a windows update ...


Test 13: new version from Test 1, updated vmtools to 11.3, updated image prep tool to 21.6, uninstalled silverlight, ran MS updates but skipped KB5005030 and KB5004870 -> works

Test 14: new version from Test 13, ran MS updates again and only skipped KB5005030 -> works

Test 15: new version from Test14, ran MS updates again and only accepted KB5005030. However KB5005030 and KB5005112 was installed by windows ?! And suddenly also KB4535680 and KB4589208 popped up to be installed ?! -> failure 

Test 16: new version from Test14, ran MS updates again and only accepted KB5005030. KB5005030 and KB5005112 was installed by windows. Skipped KB4535680 and KB4589208 -> failure


I think I narrowed it down to KB5005030 or KB5005112, which comes along with it and can't be skipped.

This may or may not only exist for WIN 10 1809 LTSC in combination with ELM 21.6.




Installing the ELM patch fixed the problem :-)








Update history Test 5:



Update history Test 6:



Update history Test 7:



Screenshots Test 11:

image.thumb.png.75dacb01cb843178083bb865d7028293.png      image.thumb.png.c5823fa926f42ba4d6eed4c786f8d705.png 


Update history Test 14:



Updates Test 15:

First run of windows updates:

image.thumb.png.5396efeab20c0d777070786483b22be5.png     image.thumb.png.12e25b9adc3b339804c2c39422009363.png


Second run of windows updates:

image.thumb.png.0e5618038acd6dc1f2cd7dc1f57f7473.png    image.thumb.png.713456557c2fd06268e51ce834749992.png













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