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PVS XenDesktop Setup Wizard Fails

Amin Eideh


Greetings everybody,

Been trying to create machines using the PVS Desktop Wizard ( 1912 LTSR) 

however it keeps failing without specifying a failure reason,


After observing the situation, it seems that Machines are created in the hypervisor,  AD accounts are created in the domain and new machine catalog appears in studio ( 0 machines inside).

However PVS servers has no new target machines added.


The error i receive at the end of the wizard is 0 device success, x device fail.


Please note that the stream VM wizard is  operating normally and working as intended.


Would appreciate any Hints or recommendations.

Much Regards

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PVS targets being added into the PVS database is the final step of target device creation.

Failures after creating AD accounts and VMs on hypervisor would be the area to look into, and can be hypervisor specific.

For example UEFI targets created on scvmm/hyperv, the network adaptor needs to be modified on each VM after VM creation. If this modifcation fails on the hypervisor, the entire creation process fails, but by that step VMs are already created etc.

Tracing on the PVS server could be analysed by support to give additional direction.

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