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Problem assigning drive letter to network drive with Filter

Derek Benak


I have created an network Drive action for each of my campuses. I want to assign the drive to each campus using the same drive letter (F: in this case). I am using a filter because I need to assign it by users Active Directory OU.


I have created the filter condition using Active Directory Path Match and a rule for each campus that only has a single condition configured


I am assigning the network drive action to domain users using the appropriate filter on the F: drive. The first campus assigns just fine, but subsequent drive assignments will not let me choose F:


I have the exact same setup in a different set and I have assigned each campus network drive using the filter for the drive letter F: just fine.


I do not block the F: drive in advanced settings


I must be missing a step, but I cannot seem to figure out what I am missing


Thanks in advance for your help

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