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URL Transformation help

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We're trying to implement ADCs to handle specific traffic from external B2B vendors.  The vendors will be coming in from multiple companies with multiple domains and I need them all to transform to the internal address and back. 


I've setup the transformation rules but they do not seem to trigger.  What the storefronts receive is the original URL for which they don't have a gateway.,  There is also an LDAP component involved as the vendors need to login.


Snippet from NS.conf:


add transform profile "ContactCenterCitrix Redirect"
set transform profile "ContactCenterCitrix Redirect" -comment "Redirects external users to internal Contact Center"
add transform action ExtCo "ContactCenterCitrix Redirect" 10
set transform action ExtCo -priority 10 -reqUrlFrom "http://contactcentercitrix.amer.ExtCo.com" -reqUrlInto "http://ontactcentercitrix.internal.IntCo.com" -resUrlFrom "http://contactcentercitrix.internal.IntCo.com" -resUrlInto "http://contactcentercitrix.amer.ExtCo.com"
add transform policy ExtCo "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.CONTAINS(\"ExtCo.com\")" "ContactCenterCitrix Redirect"
bind transform global ExtCo 100 NEXT -type REQ_OVERRIDE
set transform action ExtCo-priority 10 -reqUrlFrom "http://contactcentercitrix.amer.ExtCo.com" -reqUrlInto "http://ontactcentercitrix.internal.IntCo.com" -resUrlFrom "http://contactcentercitrix.internal.IntCo.com" -resUrlInto "http://contactcentercitrix.amer.ExtCo.com"
add transform policy ExtCo"HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.CONTAINS(\"ExtCo.com\")" "ContactCenterCitrix Redirect"
bind transform global ExtCo 100 NEXT -type REQ_OVERRIDEontactcentercitrix.internal.IntCo.com" -resUrlFrom "http://contactcentercitrix.internal.IntCo.com" -resUrlInto "http://contactcentercitrix.ExtCo.ExtCo.com"
add transform policy Sykes "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.CONTAINS(\"ExtCo.com\")" "ContactCenterCitrix Redirect"
bind transform global Sykes 100 NEXT -type REQ_OVERRIDE


Transform policy shows hits but the backend Storefront server receives the ExtCo URL. 


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!  Project supposed to start Beta this week.  :(

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