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Latest Citrix Workspace App breaks App Embedding for Chrome

Bart de Ruijsscher


The latest update to Citrix Workspace App (2108, release date Aug 9, 2021, Version 2108.0.6) breaks App Embedding functionality.  This can easily be reproduced by testing an ICA file with the provided example "Sample_App_for_embedding". When running this sample, the Citrix Workspace App get stuck on a "Connecting..." window and status. It does not succed in establishing a connection.


The sample app using message "Sample_SDK_for_launch_using_message" does function properly, the issue appears to be related specifcally to app embedding. 


Applications in the field (such as ours) which are using the App Embedding functionality are all broken now.

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Hi Bart,


Sorry to hear the inconvenience caused. Can we check if this is working with CWA app at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/citrix-workspace-backup/anjihnbmjbbpofafpmklejenkgnjfcdi 


In the Sample app you need to update receiver id to anjihnbmjbbpofafpmklejenkgnjfcdi and let us know if it is working.


Also, appreciate if you can please share us the logs so we can troubleshoot further? steps to collect the logs can be found at https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX217352  and also the console logs of sample app used for embedding.

What is the XD version and the VDA version being used?

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