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Unable to set published name for private desktop

Sravya Dade A


I am using below API to set published name for a static desktop. However I cant set the published name 




Below is the data passed to end point 

 payload = json.dumps({
                                               "PublishedName": "TEST"
                                               } )


Response I receive is 204 , but rule is not created with the given published name 

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Hello Sravya,


According to the request body format described in https://developer.cloud.com/citrixworkspace/virtual-apps-and-desktops/cvad-rest-apis/apis/Machines-APIs/Machines_UpdateMachineCatalogMachine , the desktop published name cannot be updated via this API. If you pass a field whose name is not supported, it will be ignored. The PublishedName value in the machine response actually reflects the published name of the delivery group that the machine belongs to.


To update the desktop published name, use the Edit Delivery Group API:




Hao Chen

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On 8/11/2021 at 3:19 PM, Sravya Dade A said:

@Hao Chen , Yes I can change the published name using edit delivery group API , but then I am not able to see the machine with  Published name in my citrix web, I can see the machine with DG name only

Yes, this should be the normal behavior of the Citrix Web.

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