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Citrix Cloud - Do I get it right?

Linda Beva


So, we are thinking of moving towards the Citrix Cloud and I want to double-check that I got it right regarding both the deployment and the pricing. I already talked to my sales rep but reps usually say 'Yes, it's supported' on almost every question I ask.

We have a production environment that runs on Azure that with web/app/etc servers that are available publicly. To connect from the HQ offices, we have a site-to-site VPN to Azure.

In the HQ offices, we use Active Directory and we have a VMware cluster that runs several VMs for dev/staging environment mostly.

To cover the remote working scenario, we have users connect to a point-to-site VPN to the HQ office and then they can either RDP to their office workstation or access resources via the web (we mostly run our internal tools on internal websites).

The big picture here is to move everything to cloud, most of it already is, and just keep the dev environment on-prem.

To introduce the Citrix Cloud world to our company, from what I've seen I have to do the following:

Create a new Azure subscription to integrate our on-prem resources to cloud.

Install the Azure AD Connect on-prem and sync the user accounts to Azure AD. Users will use AAD to authenticate to Citrix Workspace.

Instal a Cloud Connectors both on-prem and on production Azure so that both resources can be connected to Citrix Cloud.

Install Connector Appliances on the on-prem ESXi hosts so that VMs can be managed from the Citrix Cloud.

Configure SSO with AAD+2FA and provision our web apps through the Citrix Workspace.

Install the Citrix agent on workstations for users who need to connect to their workstations remotely via RDP.

Doing all these, users will then use the Citrix Workspace app (or website) to access company's resources that will either located on-prem or on Azure.

This way I can totally ditch the site-to-site VPN between offices and actually use Citrix Cloud for all of the communication between sites, services, etc.

From a users perspective, they will only need an internet connection and their creds to Citrix Workspace. From the admin's perspective, I will ditch the whole networking and infrastructure hassle and manage them all via the Citrix Cloud.

Am I getting it right?

Regarding the pricing, if I got it right, I will only have to pay for example 25$/user/month for using all these. No cost for Cloud connectors, etc. So, a monthly cost for 500 users will be 500 x $25 = $12500. Correct?

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I think you likely need to get some consulting assistance here, there are a lot of moving parts to your questions and likely some more discovery needed


A few notes

- You do not need Azure AD and you do not need dedicated Azure Subs. You only need Azure AD if you are going to leverage SAML Auth and if you do that you will need FAS servers to provide SSO. You can consume existing Azure Subs

- You can consume normal AD

- You deploy Cloud connectors in each resource location that you host resources for users (Azure and VMWare etc)

- You cannot use a connector appliance, Cloud Connectors for CVAD are windows based


Architected properly, you can likely ditch those VPN's and go through the Citrix Gateway Service. I have done multiple projects similar to yours where everything has been centralised and access is through Citrix only, it works well


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