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GMSA and Wem Load Balancing




I would like to know if it is possible to use gmsa in load balanced wem servers ?

I explain :

I can configure the gmsa service account on the Norksale Infra service with spn and so on ..., it works

but in the documentation, it mentions that if we want to load balanced the server, we have to use windows authent (and not sql) ans impersonation

the problem is thaht is asks fr a password that the gmsa user does not have


How can we make it work if it is possible ,



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yes, I've read the doc


i'd like to use the gmsa for the windows service

to enable load balancing, i've to enable the windows account impersonation , but i can not enter my gmsa account because its password (mandatory)

I let the "enable windows account impersonation" uncheck, reconfigure my windows account with the gmsa, but i have an error while connecting to the vip (error in database)

the gmsa is linked to both wem server and the sql server


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