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Display a screen from a Windows service to all Users





We are using an application to send alerts to users. Alerts are diplayed in a popop screen or a scrolled text. It worls well on Dekstop and published desktop. 

We need the alert to be displayed also when a user is using a published application. 

it is possible to configure VDA to do it ?



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In my opinion, that does not work with only configuration setting. By programming, may be. On the server side, with a published app session, the Windows Shell (explorer.exe) was replaced by Citrix Wfshell.exe so you cannot send message from a service to it. The way that may work is sending the message from the server to client side using Virtual Channel and display it on the local/client machine. 


Just find Citrix WFAPI SDK document here:


You can use the function WFSendMessageA to achieve it.



Thomas Tran



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