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Support for getting app configuration device policy

Thomas Zywitzki




we are currently migrating our iOS app from using MDX toolkit wrapping to the new MAM SDK v21.1.5.

My question is, does the MAM SDK also support getting configurations set via "App configuration device policy" ( https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-endpoint-management/policies/app-configuration-policy.html )  like MDX toolkit did?


Using MDX toolkit we would get those values with the MdxManager.getValueOfPolicy() method as described here:

I didn't find an equivalent to that in the MAM SDK, is it already supported?



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Hi Daniel, 


the policy values I'm trying to read are some custom ones that are defined in our policies xml file like that:


        <Title res_id="SERVER_TITLE">Server</Title>
        <Description res_id="SERVER_DESC">
          Please enter your server here.


This way an MAM admin can set default values for all users of our app (for example login data like server, port etc.)


We create the MDX that contains our app using the policy file like this:

CGAppCLPrepTool SdkPrep ... -policyXML "policyFile.xml"


When the customer deploys that MDX to the XenMobile server, they can enter their custom values in the "MDX Policies" part. Like described above in our iOS app we would then read those values with "MdxManager.getValueOfPolicy()" and prefill the login information accordingly.

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